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Summary: Cronk is an Orc of the Nordic region that identifies as Irish.


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Gender: M

Age: 25

Group: Orcs


Cronk is from the Nordic regions. Cronk is middle class, making a comfortable living. No religion, but has an unspoken philosophy (mostly unspoken because Cronk doesn’t know the word philosophy) of the 3-W’s: Whiskey, Women, and Weapons, not necessarily in any particular order.


Cronk is a brawler and fighter. He tends to make money from those that need a strong hand, but not a strong mind.


Cronk is not very bright.

Physical Appearance

Cronk is as big as an ox. He stands at 7’ 9”, 400 pounds of solid muscle. His sandy skin gives him the appearance of having a tan. He has small pointed ears and tusks curling up from his lower jaw. His thick skin helps keep Cronk warm during the winter.

Personality and interests

See above with the three W’s.


Cronk was raised by a middle class Orc family from the Nordic region. A traveler who had gotten to know Cronk and seen how Cronk worshipped whiskey, women, and weapons, promised Cronk he could have all he wanted in each category in Ireland. He made it as far as Northern Ireland, where he met a person of bad repute, who began to take advantage of Cronks lack of intelligence and his great strength, by hiring Cronk to break a few leg. Now, he finds himself of being hired out to be other’s enforcer.

Favorite Sayings

“Cronk smash!”
“Cronk drink whiskey!”
“Cronk boink you? Heh-heh!”

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Image of Cronk
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