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Summary: A journalist looking for a scoop

Agnes Wrightman

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Gender: Female

Age: 27

Group: NPC


British - Human


Newspaper Reporter
Getting information
reading people
getting information out of people
attention to detail
Languages: English, French, Russian


Many times her attempts at getting a story lead her into a lot of trouble
Always wants more - never satisfied with herself
A snoop
An annoyance to the upper class or those she is investigating

Physical Appearance

about 5'5"
brown hair
blue-grey eyes
fairish skin

Personality and interests

Anges first love is writing, especially, journalism. She wants nothing more than to discover that big story that will make her famous. While she's technically a lifestyle and/or society page reporter, Anges is always investigating other things.


Anges grew up in a middle-class home. The youngest of four children. Two brothers, her sister, and herself. Agnes was an intelligent and determined child. She loved to interview people and write stories about their lives. As a child, she created her own "newspaper", handwritten. She was accepted at a university in London, Anges studied journalism and after graduation was quickly hired by the Express where she has worked ever since.

Favorite Sayings

"May I ask you a few brief questions?"
"I could cover that."
"I need to get this in before the deadline."

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Image of Agnes Wrightman
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