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Summary: Leader of the Technology/Science Guild - Science Division

Eugene Patenude

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Gender: male

Age: 45

Group: NPC


French - human
upper class
non-religious but will say spirtualist if necessary


Leader of the Technology and Science Guild of Paris - the Science division
Genius level intelligence
High aptitude for science and math


Despite his position as a leader, he doesn't connect well with others on a personal level.
conceited - he doesn't like speaking to those he perceives to be of lesser intelligence

Physical Appearance

brunette hair
brown eyes - wears glasses
about 5'7"

Personality and interests

His word has always revolved around science and intellect so he comes across as conceited and a bit on the cold side. His only interest is science, in any of its forms.


Eugene was born to parents who were both scientists. His father was an astronomer and his mother was one of the few women chemists of her time. Eugene showed high intelligence and promise in science and math from a young age. Science though was always his real passion.

When he was nine his younger sister, Celine, was born. She also showed promise in science from a young age.

His intelligence was such he went to college at age 12 and studied both biology and chemistry. He graduated with a doctorate in both and later went back and got a doctorate in evolutionary studies. His sister would follow his lead, several years later, getting her own doctorate in astronomy.

He had been a member of the guild for many years but really became active after receiving his doctorate. He rose in the ranks and became the leader of the science division about five years ago.

Favorite Sayings

"Do it right or do not do it at all."
"I will fix it."

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