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Summary: Leader of the Technology/Science Guild - Technology Division

Celine Allard

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Gender: Female

Age: 100

Group: NPC


French - Gnome
Upper (raised working, then middle)
The Invento


Leader of the Technology and Science Guild - Technology division
Highly intelligent, gifted with inventions and technologys


Not a good fighter. Wants to get to know everyone, which wouldn't be a flaw except she is surrounded by a lot of introverts.

Physical Appearance

blonde hair
brown eyes
height - 3'9"
looks very young for her age

Personality and interests

Celine is friendly and outgoing. She enjoys meeting people and discussing all kinds of subjects, though technology and innovations are her passion. She has a bit of an adventurous streak.


Celine Allard is the first gnome to be appointed the head of a guild in Paris. Celine was born to slave parents. She showed not just an aptitude for designing new technologies from a young age but also a spirit of always wanting to try new things when it came to her inventions. She designed the engine for one of the first steam-powered airships but her colleague, a male human, got the credit. About twenties years ago, the colleague admitted the engine had been Celine’s idea. The guild, who had overlooked much of her and the accomplishments of other gnomes, changed their ways. The acknowledgment of her accomplishments put Ceiine on a path toward leadership and five years ago, she was made leader of the technology division of the guild’

Favorite Sayings

"Welcome, glad you came."
"How can I help you?"
"There is only one way to find out, try it."

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Image of Celine Allard
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