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Summary: Thinks he's the best Wayneright son

Elijah Wayneright

Gender: male

Age: 27

Group: NPC





mind domain


Arrogance, Petty Jealousy

Physical Appearance

Blonde hair, pale skin, average height and build, amber eyes sharp features. dresses overly fancy, blue coat, shirt, and pants with black boots, wears several rings.

Personality and interests

self-serving, pompous, impulsive, self-destructive tendencies, childish outbursts, patriotic, Twisted sense of honor (ex. not repaying a favor even if it sickens him to do so)


First born son of Maximilian Wayneright thinks himself something special. "God's Gift to the World." if you will. Blissfully unaware of his half-brothers existence for much of his life. Until one day he heard of a man claiming the last name, and when he paid him a visit he say much of his own fathers face. Angered by this he has done all he can to try and get the privateer to the gallows and failed each time.

Favorite Sayings

"You are unworthy to carry my father's name."

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Image of Elijah Wayneright
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