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Summary: Head of The Order of The Moon

Duke Frederick Ellington

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Gender: male

Age: 80

Group: NPC


British - Eldren
Religion - The Acuitus


Head of The Order of The Moon
Mage: Body and Mind realms

Connections, English, Latin, French, and Russian, horseback riding, archery, etiquette, noble family history, member of the royal family (minor nobility), history of Europe and the United Kingdom, history and lore of magic, guns, swimming, swords, hunting


Can only have one offspring
susceptible to Falker's disease
He is protective of his family and has, over the years, had to learn to let go of Elizabeth

Physical Appearance

About 6'2", attractive, brownish hair with red highlights, blue eyes. Always dressed well.

Personality and interests

He is polite, fairly easy to get along with but he does expect those who work under him to do their best. He is outgoing and intelligent. He is adventurous but has had to calm that side of himself down. He can be generous and help people but it's not excess. Usually if he's helping someone it's because he sees something in the person worth helping.


Has lived his whole life as a member of nobility. He married Caroline, after getting the title of Duke. Was asked to join the order and within ten years was made the head. He has been the head ever since.

Favorite Sayings

Perfection is unattainable, therefore just do your best.

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