Image of Dutchess Caroline Ellington

Summary: Socialite, Philanthropist

Dutchess Caroline Ellington

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Gender: Female

Age: 70

Group: NPC


British - Eldren
Religion - The Acuitus


Socialite, Philanthropist
Mage: Spirit and Historical Mage


Can only have one offspring
susceptible to Falker's disease
Is too giving at times (where Elizabeth gets it from)

Physical Appearance

About 5'7", attractive, auburn hair, blue eyes. Always dressed well.

Personality and interests

Polite, extremely cultured, intelligent, giving, outgoing, friendly. She is a socialite without any of the snobbery that can come with that position. She helps plan events and fund raise especially for the Merlin Society and the Mage Guild of London


Has lived her whole life as a member of nobility. She became Dutchess prior to marriage due to her charitable work. She is technically a member of the order but has never been actively involved, it's more so her husband (and daughter) don't have to keep secrets from her.

Favorite Sayings

It is a good thing to give of yourself.

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