This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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Skynet is one of the largest corporations in the world with several city's globally. Due to radiation from wars and lifestyles of the past, the city's are really the only safe places to live. Skynet is in control of everything from the government to health care. If you own anything chances are it was made by skynet all the way down to ur tooth brush.


SYNS: this is slure used to describe someone who has a fully synthetic body or a lots of enhancements. It it usually used by humans though the Syns have taken the word back and now also use it to describe their self but with pride rather than as a slure.
Though some people choose this way of living most do not. It usually happens when there is no other way to save the individual due to the body being to badly damaged weather from aging or a tragic accident. This operation can only be done if there is most of the brain intact, undamaged and functioning. People who have severe brain damage or are bran dead cannot undergo this procedure (legally). It also cost lots of credit and so nt many people can afford it. Those who do under go this or have a loved one do so are very wealthy or put their self in life long debt. This is one of the major reasons there are so many people illegally having this done.
These bodies usually come with automatic enhancements such as Titainiam and Titainiam alloy skeleton, synthetic skin the feel like human skin but is stronger more durable, Stamina, sight, smell, taste and strength, faster reflexes, night vision, no need to consume food or drink, dose not need sleep, dose not age. However these enhancements are still well below the level at which the enforcement units operate.

SKINS:this is slure used to describe someone who has a completely human body or a very few enhancements. It it usually used by Syns. Humans just call their selfs humans

ROUGE: this is a term used for some one who has obtained a completely synthetic body illegally, has many illegal enhancements or simply uses their tech to commit major crimes. These are also people with extremist and anti human views who hunt down humans with no enhancements that are in positions of power in order to send a message and establish a new world order.

ILLEGAL ENHANCEMENTS: these include but are not limited to, body parts that double as or are replaced by weapons such as, fire arms of any kind, knifes, swords, lasers, flame throwers, vibration or frequency weapons and transmitters, any tech that messes with government tech and ect. EXCEPTIONS to this law are individuals who are part of law enforcement ( though most police and soldiers have been replaced with the enforcement bots), private security with permitsfor their tech, or bounty hunters with permits for their tech.

ENFORCEMENT UNITS: these are highly intelligent and advanced robots used to replace humans as law enforcement, first responders and military.
These bots come standard issue with
Tungsten metal body
Built in stun gun and fire arms and explosives.
As well as portable fire arms and explosives.
Tracking tech, facial and DNA recognition, night vision, thermal vision, audio sensitivity and recognition, speed, agility, fire retardant. Cold resistant. Rust resistant. Optical laser for extreme force only.

DIGITAL CREDITS: this is basically skynet currency. Everyone in skynet city has a chip in their ight wrist that can be scanned give and receive credits, it is also used to buy and sale. For those receiving government funding there are arms and kiosks around the city where they may receive their credits in the set amount on their alloted days. The wrist chip is also used to track individuals and the enhancements they may undergo. Due to this most Rouges remove their chip and obtain credits with fraudulent chips their carry in various ways.

ENGINEERS: these are basically people in positions of b power. The government of skynet city if you will.

CODERS: these are doctors/ anyone who can manipulate meca and tech including bodily enhancements.

BOUNTY HUNTERS: these are people who hun down criminals for pay, most Rouges.

ORGANICS/RADICALS: these are humans who hun down Syns and have extremists and anti tech/meca/synthetic views.

( this is a work in progress, the game my expand and new terminology may develop over time as such I will continue adding to this..if u have any questions let me know if I don't reply to my email just OCC)