The Eyes Οf The Fox

The enforcement units spread out in a radius of 2 blocks to find the killer-thief with the fox mask, from the radio it was heard that he had robbed 8 shops of know-how killing 10 people. They say that he worked for the black raven syndicate, a criminal organization that has the support of a powerful mining industry, but they have no proof. They listed her equipment as 3 laser weapons, 2 sharp steel knives, two prototype weapons they called fox claws, experimental gloves that emit plasma rays.Due to the profitable agreements with other companies and industries, the black crow has become an important player in business. Due to the uncontrolled industrial development, black clouds have been created over the city.The last time the black raven went on the offensive it was almost destroyed, but now with the new president who took over 3 months ago by killing the previous president, they have taken a new approach which has succeeded in increasing the influence of the union gaining expertise the most important profit .

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