Starting over pt5

The apartment was small only a living room that doubled as their bedroom. It was furnished a couch, a bed with no frame just the mattress and a recliner. Old. Like the kin she saw in old movies. There was also a small kitchen with a tiny table with two chairs.
It was nothing like her flat in the city. Reece flopped over on the bed as robby curled up in the recliner and started flipping through chanles on a TV. The oly modern thing in the room. Everything else seemed ancient like the apartment was frozen in 2023 or something. Conice motioned to he couch. " I usually sleep there but I'll take the floor so you can just chill." He informed her. Ripley curled up in a spot on the corner of the couch. " I usually just watch TV all night till they wake up. " Reece patted the bed neck to him. " you could always bunk with me." He said with a grin. Conice stole a pillow off the bed a smacked him with it before tossing it on the floor and settling down.
It didn't take long before the sounds of rhythmic breathing and the low hum of the voices on the TV. " they wont sleep long. Four five hours maybe." She nodded and the little girl smiled at her. " well? Go on then. Let us hear it." She whispered. Ripley looked confused. " how did this come about?" She asked motioning to ripleys whole self. Ripley told her all she knew. " what about you?" She asked tucking her feet up under her. Robby didn't look at her but stared at the screen. " I was born in a different city. of skynets sister mum was a waitress and my father was a night he came home in a rage cuz he had lost at gambling or something. I don't know what started it really I just remember watching them fight and crying. It must of got at him. Because he turned on me. My mother tried to stop him. He beat us both with a tire iron. Me especially. When mum woke up my father was gone and I was on my way out as well. She didn't have any money. I still don't know who or how but she got a Dr to do it illegally." She flipped the chanle and cleared her throat. " we hid for a while but the enforcement were getting close and she knew it. Somehow she got a group who was headed here to agree to bring me...she stayed....last I herd they had found her and locked her away...I can't go back or the will definitely find me and I'll be.... decommissioned" She turned and smiled at Ripley. " buti found these blokes and they are my family now so there's always that." Ripley didn't know what to say. What could you say?
These people were nothing like she had been told. She was told people with illegal syn body's chose it. For the power. The speed what ever. But robby hadn't chosen. Just like her and she would guess like others. Reece mumbled in his sleep and kicked turning to fave the wall. Conice slept on his back head tilted down and to the side and his arms crossed over his chest. Frowning even in his sleep. He seemed old for his age. They all did. She wondered if she would look older soon too.

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