Starting over pt6

A few hours later and the guys alarms were going off. The sun wasn't even up yet. Conice quickly shut it off. Reese rolled over in his sleep with a grown. Conice didn't say much asbhe walked around the apartment eating what looked like left over pizza brushing his teeth and changing shirts.
Once he was dressed he motioned for her to follow him out ruffling robbys hair on the way to he door. As she stepped out she herd the click of the lock behind them. "Doesn't he have school?" She asked. Conice knew she ment Reece. " no...theres no school down here and people who live down here can't really send there kids to school up there..he'll we can barley work up there. " She nodded and followed him out of the building onto the street. " I gotta go to work on the edge of tha city...I'll walk ya that far then you can get home from there. " he said pulling his hood over his head and shoving his hands in his pocket. It was raining again not much just a drizzle. Ripley thought it fitting that it had been Grey since her operation. It matched her mood. " ok thanks.." he said following suit. They asked in silence for a while. He helped her climb the ladder tha would take them up and back onto the streets of skynet. The thought seemed bleak. There was nothing for her up here. She didn't belong here..she didn't belong anywhere.
They got to a warehouse and he stopped pointing to he building. " this is my spot. You got it from here? " She nodded " you think I could come back? Visit somtime?" She asked awkwardly. He didn't answer for a whole just stared at her. Then he blew out a breath " look your not gonna be weird about it are ya? Cuz we don't need any trouble you hear me?" She shook her head " no I just..I don't have anyone who can help with know?" She said making a motion with her hands to her whole self.. Conice shifted his weight from one foot to the other " yeah..yeah ok.." she smiled brightly and he seemed more uncomfortable. " thank and you guys are free to come see me in he city if you want." She was almost gushing as she dug in hr bag and scribbled her number and address on a peace of paper for him. " alright alright but lik I said. Don't be weird about it. " She smiled again " I'm not. " he nodded and pointed with his thumb behind him. " I gotta...I gotta get in there." She waved goodbye and almost skipped home. Stepping into her flat she let out a sigh and plopped down on her bed. Maybe she could get through this.
A few days later that thought would be put to the test. When she was interrupted painting by nocking on her door. She put the brush in a cup of water and hurried to answer expecting her dad. Instead she was greeted by her sisters back. " Juniper?" Ripley she'd confused. Her sister turned around quickly her arms still crossed tightly over her chest. " oh...uh..I thought maybe you wouldn't be home...I can go if this is a bad time." Riple smiled " no no this is a great time!" She said Stepping aside so Juniper could come in. Closing the door behind them she wrapped her arms around her sister hugging her tight and breahing her in. She was so happy tears started to pull in her eyes.
Juniper didn't hug her back onlystood there stiffly for a moment before stepping away from her. Ripley was to happy to notice. " uh dad had a meeting and couldn't make it. He practically begged me to come by for him I am.." she looked around at the apartment moving through like she didn't recognize the place. But Ripley knew she did, she had even helped decorate. " oh well I'm glad you came..." she said picking up a few pieces of clothing and tossing them in the hamper. She wasn't sure why she was nervous but she was. " 1it looks the samenin here.." Juniper said walking to the canvas Ripley had been working on. " well.. yeah...what did you think it would look like?" She asked with a laugh. Juniper shrugged " I thought you might have gotten rid of stuff you wouldn't need the dishes..fridge.. know.." Ripley bit her lip suddenly self conscious. " oh well yeah...I mean....I kept the bed cuz I still lay there and chill out...and as for the kitchen stuff I kept it cuz...idk it makes me feel normal to have it.. and even if I don't use it you never know who might come over. Dad uses the coffee stuff all the time." Juniper cooked a brow and picked up a stuffed dog off the shelf. " right..right.." she said putting it back and wiping her hands on her pants. " why didn't you come by sooner...I've really missed you. " Ripley said reach8ng for her sisters hand. Juniper snatched it awa like she had burned her. "'s just weird ok....actually I gotta go now ill tell dad your ok." She said and started for the door. Ripley stepped in front of it " June wait! What is with you? Like what the he'll is your problem?" She demanded.
" this! All of this!" Juniper snapped stamping her foot down. " it's fucking's weird to know that some...some AI or what ever is walking around pretending to be my sister...pretending to be human...and I just cant." Riplys heart shattered. " I am your sister June it's still me.." Juniper shook her head a look of rage on her face. " no your are just some AI brain scan of my sister stuffed in a metal suit. Pretending to be sisters gone she died and not right." Ripleys shoulders sank and a tear rolled down her cheek. " would you rather I have died june...would that have been better?" Juniper looked down a her feet. " I don't know.. but I can't do this.. " she said and shoved past Ripley slamming the door behind her. Ripley sank down on her floor her back against the door. Her sister was her bst friend and now...she curled into a ball and buried her fa e in her was like 1 step forward and two steps back... Maybe she couldn't do this either.

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