New day

Ripley walked down the street of the underground city. She had check the apartment but they weren't there. So now she was just sort of wondering around looking. She found them in the same corner dinner. Reece waved to her through the window. " Hey your back!" He said as she went in and to there table. Cornice just stared at her with a disapproving look. " Yeah I figured you guys showed me your part of the city maybe I could show you mine?" Reece jumped up " yeah!" Conice pulled him back down " no." Robby didn't seem to have a opinion but she was listening. "Why not? You never want to do anything fun" Reece said shrugging off his brothers hand. He didn't answer. " It will be fun..we have a great mall with food courts and parks." Reece headed twords the door. " You had me at food court." He said grinning. Robby slid from the booth to follow him. Conice huffed and followed after them. Ripley was starting to learn the dynamic of the group. Robby and Reece were close and she followed him. Conice couldn't really stop his brother from doing anything so he was just there to keep them out of trouble making Reece the unofficial ring leader. She thought that was funny.
About a hour later and they were walking through the mall doors. The mall was three stories and the wall were white marble, the two upper floors were set in a oval shape with a glass railing so you could look down to the lower level. A large fountain like a water fall as high as the second floor sat in the middle of the mall. Digital signs flashed and digital adds floated through the air like birds fluttering around as people walked ran laughed shopped ate and talked all through the mall.
Reece and Robby looked around with wide eyes. " Wooow" was all he could say. Conice did not look happy he stood just behind the group with his hands shoved down in his pockets. " Not alot of syns" he mumbled Reece shrugged " you don't know maybe they all look like Ripley." She blinked at his words. She hadn't thought of that...maybe they did look like her. She wouldn't be able to tell just like no one would be able to tell she was. She smiled and pushed the thought away for now " ok anything you wanna do it's on me!" Reece jumped and punched the air " yes!" Robby laughed and followed after him. The day would be filled with food and shopping and virtual games and Ripley found herself feeling almost normal.

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