A Memory

"Fa...milia?" Owl's voice became full of confusion, matching the lost expression on her face. "I don't have anyone, sadly. I've been running around on good luck, I guess." She felt awkward admitting all of this to Rico.

Something cold and dark ran through her mind for a moment, causing the pinkette to blink a few times. An image was there - blood, a knife in hand, many faces gazing at her. Had she done something horrible? Was someone hurt?

She couldn't remember and the image faded. "I know my name is Owlania Quills and I woke up alone." Her voice was becoming a little shaky and she pondered what was going on. To keep her hands from visibly shaking, she went to tapping them on her jeans and tugging at loose little threads in the tears. "I don't know where to go or who I really am other than my name. I don't even know if I have anyone looking for me. All I can remember are odd fragmented images."

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