She couldn't remember the last time she had laughed so hard. Probably the day she died maybe. That's how she was starting to think of it now. Not the day she almost died but the day she died. She wasn't the same girl as before she was long gone.
They were all having a great time. Even grumpy conice had let a few smiles cross his face. Right now they sat on a bench while Reece and Robby tried on the the funniest costumes in the little costume store they were in. Conice had his back leaned on the glass piller behind them, his head tilted back with his eyes closed and his legs stretched out, making his self fully at home in the public space. Ripley smiled sitting on the edge of the bench her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hands. " Thank you for this." He said to her without opening them. She shrugged " it was for me as much as it was for you guys." She confessed. He nodded. He understood what it was like. The way people looked at you when you were a sin. Even though the naked eye couldn't tell Ripley was a sin he was sure that people in her life were still different twords her. They had been to him. He opened his eye enough to peek at her from the corner of his eye. Now that he allowed his self to let his walls down a little he could allow his self to really look at her. She had dressed in a thin blue blows that sat low on her shoulders leaving them and her collar bone bare and a see through iridescent purple rain coat with a mini skirt mad of the same material and color, finishing off the fit with a pair of flat sneakers that matched her blue shirt. She was pretty and he wondered if she always had been or if they amped it up with her new body. She was thin but filled out in the right places. Her legs were long and her pale skin made it so her knees elbows and cheeks and chest had a pink blush to them. He wondered how red she could get when someone made her blush for real or when she got mad or just..worked up. He shook his head to clear the thought. Like hell he was going to get wrapped up in poor little rich girl even if she was a sin.
Ripley laughed as the two younger ones came out of the dressing room in matching inflatable chicken suits. Honestly she loved the kids already they were tough and funny and full of life. She could spend all day just watching and laughing at them. She didn't even really mind conice when he wasn't scowling at her. She tried not to look directly at him to much. It made her tummy do weird little flips. She clapped when they kids struck their poses then took a bow and leaned back against the glass piller giggling as they disappeared back into the dressing rooms. Her should brushed his and it was like she had been shocked. She felt it through her whole body. She wondered if he felt it to. But he probably didn't. She was probably being weird.

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