JP - Under Attack - The Keep - The Dungeon and Alex's Room

While the healing room was being raided for the babies, the dungeon was also under attack. It was enough to make Mr Royce stop his squeaking protests.

In her cell Dematria Calm could hear what was happening and knew what was happening. The silver torc burned. Galina and her people had come for her for failing and betraying her. They would try to make her do things she did not want to do, and if she refused she would be punished. Tria did not want to hurt these people in the Keep, no one had ever treated her as kindly as the people here have treated her. Even Bai, who did not trust her and kept her locked up and in chains in this cell had not been cruel- just cautious.

She knew what Galina and her followers would do to her, death would be much more merciful. She braced herself as if for a blow, then touched the gem in her choker. She expected oblivion.

Only to find herself with the man who had given her the choker, Alex.

Beatrix blinked. "Alex, why is there another woman in here?" She asked and went to the girl. "Are you okay, darlin'? You look scared."

“She wanted a choker that would kill her” Alex sighed, grabbing his staff “considering she used it the castle is under attack.” Moving to the window began shooting lightning on the attackers below.

Frowning, Beatrix grabbed her daggers. "Then let's go kill some fuckers!" She said, "Jacob, grab yer ax!"

“You have to kill me!” Tria pleaded with Alex. Beneath the choker Alex had given her was the silver torc. Bai had considered removing it since Galina could use it to control her, but chose not to because it would leave this child of Molech completely out of control. The torc was burning painfully.

“I’m not going to let them hurt you” Alex replied as he continued to snipe attackers from the window.

“They’re going to use me!” Tria dropped to her knees, her wings spreading. The torc, the torc would not stop burning.

Alex pointed his staff summoning chains to tie her up “the hell they will.”

"I'm goin' out to help!" Beatrix said loudly before rushing outside, Jacob close behind with his ax. She would soon be upon creatures, stabbing and slicing at them violently. Her younger brother did the same with his ax, proving to be surprisingly skilled.

Tria closed her eyes tight, the torc a white hot pain behind her eyelids. Her wings strained against the chains.

Alex moved towards her and pointed the staff at her forehead “sleep” he ordered channeling a spell to knock her out.

Tria slumped, but her wings fluttered weakly against the chains.

Bai pounded on the door. “ALEX!”

Alex created a barrier around her before moving to the door “what is it?”

“They’re after the babies conceived during the raid, we have to- what the hell is she doing up here?” Bai asked, raising his staff.

“I gave her a teleporting choker in case she was in danger that would bring her to me” He explained “we have bigger things to worry about.”

“She could be a huge thing to worry about. That damned torc- I should have tried taking it off before now. Galina could still control her with it. At least in her cell she could not do anything.” Bai’s fingers tightened on his staff. He seriously considered killing her while it would be easy- but he hated that idea.

“What can we do to help her then?” Alex asked concern in his voice.

“Kill her quick and merciful like she asked us to. It will be kinder than what Galina and her people will do to her.” Bai said. “Or get that torc off and hope she doesn’t decide to be an evil demon on her own.”

“Take it off then if she turns evil then I deal with her” Alex replied knowing how it felt to not be in control.

Bai grimaced. He pressed the end of his staff against her back so hard it was like he was trying to pin her to the floor. He grabbed the torc and yanked it off Tria’s neck.

Tria’s eyes flew open. Her wings snapped the chains and pushed Bai away from her.

Bai rolled to his feet, still holding his staff. He cursed softly, preparing a spell.

Tria beat her wings enough to lift off from the floor. For the first time since she could remember she did not have that pain in her neck or that choking pressure.

"Tria are you alright?" Alex asked.

Tria did not know. She had never had anyone ask her that before, and she had never felt like this before. Her wings bumped against the ceiling. “Uh?”

“Are you under your own control?” Alex asked.

Tria clung to one of the ceiling beams. So is that what being free felt like? It was overwhelming. “Y-yes.” She said shakily.

Bai had not lowered his guard. “That might not be a good thing.” He told Alex in a low voice.

“She still deserves a chance” Alex replied “I was like her when I escaped.”

Bai watched Tria warily.

Tria clung to the beam and braced her feet against it. She wanted to fly. But they were under attack, it wasn’t safe. She wasn’t safe. She trembled.

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