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Summary: I am no Jedi.

Ahsoka Tano

Gender: Female

Age: 41

Group: Anti-Yuuzhan Vong


Shili (raised on Coruscant)

Physical appearance


36 BBY: Ahsoka was born on Shili

33 BBY: She was discovered to be Force Sensitive by Jedi Master Plo Kloon

22 BBY: Mere months after the First Battle of Geonosis and the beginning of the Clone Wars, she was assigned to be the Jedi Padawan of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker
She participated in the Battle of Christophis, Battle of Teth, destruction of the Malevolence, Battle of Bothawui, Capture of Viceroy Gunray, and Rescue on Vanqor, she became stranded on Maridun, she helped contain the Blue Shadow Virus, Battle of Ryloth

21 BBY: She participated in the Battle of Ryloth, the Second Battle of Geonosis, and the Incident aboard TB-73, The Hunt Aurra Sing, she went undercover on Mandalore, she rescued Papanoida's daughters.

20 BBY: She journeyed to Mortis where she was briefly poisoned by the dark side and died. The mortally wounded Daughter resurrected her.
She participated in the rescue of Even Piell, the Second Battle of Felucia, the Battle of Umbara, the Confederate–Republic peace conference, trained Onderon's Rebels

19 BBY: The bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar was perpetrated by Barriss Offee. Ahsoka and Anakin were recalled to investigate. During her investigation, she investigated a suspect and was framed by Barriss. She was eventually arrested and escaped. While on the run from the authorities she temporarily teamed up with Asajj Ventress. She was eventually captured again. Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin convinced the Jedi Council to let the Republic military put Ahsoka on trial. She was expelled from the Jedi Order. While on trial facing the death penalty, it was revealed that her friend Barriss was the one responsible for the bombing and her framing.

She was personally pardoned by the Jedi Council after the trial. Plo Kloon even personally apologized on the Council’s behalf. The Council said that the ordeal she had just gone through was her great trial and she was worthy of the title Jedi Knight. Ahsoka’s faith in the Jedi was severely shaken by the expulsion and trial, which resulted in her refusing to rejoin the Order. She accepted that Anakin never lost faith in her, but she could no longer find the confidence to trust in herself.

She helped the Martez sisters with their problems with the Pyke Syndicate.

She helped Lady Bo-Katan Kryze formerly of Death Watch now working with the Mandalore resistance to defeat Sith Lord Maul.

After Order 66 was given, she learned of the inhibitor chip and d Rex from his inhibitor chip. Maul, whom Ahsoka freed as a diversion for the clones caused the ship to crash which Ahsoka and Rex barely survived. Ahsoka and Rex buried and created headstones using the helmets of the clones. Now their paths were uncertain.

Under the name Ashla, Ahsoka settles on Thabeska to hide from the Empire. She eventually left when the Empire came to the planet.

18 BBY: After fleeing Thabeska Ahsoka flew to Raada. When the Empire came to this planet as well, she stayed to help the residents fight back non-violently and to smuggle food, medical supplies, and water recyclers out to the caves. She then began building a resistance movement. The first mission went well until others decided to act independently of her, forcing the Raadan resistance movement into hiding. Ahsoka was forced to use the Force several times, drawing the attention of the Empire and Senator Bail Organa.

Ahsoka returned to Thabeska and began running mercy missions, which caused trouble for the Black Suns. She was rescued from a Black Sun agent by people Senator Organa sent. After some miscommunication between Organa’s people and Ahsoka, she met with the Senator. From Organa, Ahsoka learned of an Imperial agent armed with a lightsaber attacking Raada. She knew she needed a Lightsaber she visited Ilum but found it being butchered by the Empire, she considered returning to Rex’s fake grave but decided against it. She then reached out in the Force to find a crystal, locating one that was singing to her through the Force from Raada. She fought the Sixth Brother and killed him. She took his Kyber crystals and healed them, turning them white.

After rescuing as many farmers from Raada as possible Ahsoka became the leader of Organa’s intelligence network. She adopted the code name Fulcrum. She was given a CR90 Corvette to operate out of.

5 BBY: Ahsoka as Fulcrum was passing along intelligence and mission briefings to the crew of the Ghost.

4 BBY: After the rescue of Kanan Jarrus Ahsoka reveals her identity to the crew of the Ghost. The crew of the Ghost joins Pheonix Cell. She participated in the Siege of Lothal.

3 BBY: Yoda sent Ahoka, Kanan, and Ezra to Malachor. On Malachor they were attacked by the Inquisitors Fifth Brother, Seventh Sister, & Eighth Brother, all three Inquisitors were killed with the help of Maul. At the top of an ancient Sith Temple, she stopped Darth Vader from executing Ezra. During her duel with Darth Vader, she discovered that her former master Anakin Skywalker was Darth Vader. She promised Anakin she wouldn’t leave him like she did during the Clone Wars. The two began to fight once more. She was thus lost to the shadow and rubble of the crumbling Sith temple.

1 BBY: Ezra using the World Between Worlds was able to save Ahsoka from a killing blow by Darth Vader and pulled her into the World Between Worlds. After stopping Emperor Palpatine from gaining access to World Between Worlds she went through a portal back to Malachor near the base of the Sith temple in the same year she was pulled from.

3 BBY: On Malachor she found another entrance to the World Between Worlds and thus embarked on a spiritual journey that changed the course of her life.

4 ABY: Following Anakin’s return to the light and his death, Ahsoka reflected on the impact of Anakin's decisions on the galaxy. Despite his flaws, she remembered him as "the best of us," a good man who fell victim to his own fears. After the Battle of Endor, Tano sought to keep her promise to Bridger and joined his former companion Sabine Wren in her quest to find him and bring him home.


* White blade
Shoto lightsaber:
* White blade

White cloak, White staff



R6-E7 an R6-series astromech droid

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