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Summary: Is that all you got?

Mitth Astra

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Gender: Femail

Age: 18

Group: Anti-Yuuzhan Vong


Astra's nationality is chiss. She is a force sensitive human.

Physical appearance

She stands at about 5 feet 6 inches tall. She has long red hair, pale skin and bright blue eyes. She is thin and most describe her as tiny and delicate. She usually wheres light waght clothing thats easy to move in.


She was born on the Chimaera. Her parents were a pair of officers. They died during the ships fight trying to get to chiss territory. Her force sensitivity was a desired trait among the chiss and so she was welcomed into the Mith family as a merit adoptive.

She has been trained as a Chiss navigator (skywalker) and currently navigates the Chimaera through the unknown region. She also learned self defense and is slowly picking up battlefield tactics.


A silver clapsable staff and a blaster.


She is on the Chimaera


Being that she has no real friened she made one a small droid cat named Sol. It follows her everywhere.

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Image of Mitth Astra
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