DeVirr - 10 Hours and Counting

Adonis IV
Six Star Alliance - Fortress Station
Deployment Area - Hanger B10
1400 - 31-01-2396

With just 10 hours remaining on the clock until the official start of the campaign SSA Command and Control was already getting things rolling for the initial deployment of troops and equipment to the surface of Adonis IV. The first wave of nearly 150,000 troops as well as supporting gear and equipment already in the process of being loaded on to one of the two dozen heavy troop transports or the 200 or so smaller combat dropships and support craft.

DeVirr for her part simply stood waiting in the troop departure area already decked out in full combat gear, stuffing handfuls of brightly colored candies from the bag she held into her mouth as she all but ignored the noise and chaos of the world around her.

“Now this brings back some memories.” Royce announced as he snagged some candies from the package she held, stuffing them into his mouth as he glanced around. “I can’t believe how how they always manages to fuck this up every time.”

DeVirr smirked and shrugged her shoulders. “You have a bunch of cherry pop tarts going on their first deployment planet side and shit just gets chaotic, I’d just do my best to ignore it.”

Royce frowned his annoyance and sighed as he turned and started performing an inspection of her gear making sure everything was in order. “ Did you pack extra rations bars this time?” He asked off hand. “I don’t want a repeat of last campaign where you were stuck in maze for two weeks with just a standard issue 5 day field kit.”

“ No one wants a repeat of that situation, ” DeVirr nodded her agreement. “ I’m packing ten days of standard field rations and ten additional ration bars just in case.”

“Good…good, What about your sugar fix?” Royce pressed as he tested her combat harness.” I know how bitchy you get without sugar.”

“Ten packages of mixed candies as well.” DeVirr nodded.

Royce nodded. “ Good, you burn through Gummi Bears too damn fast anyways … hard candies last longer and are better for deployments anyways.”

“Ten-ten-zero…” DeVirr acknowledged.

“So recap the mission for me?” Royce sounded off as he turned his attention to her combat duffle.

DeVirr nodded as she sounded off. “So they're gonna drop me off on the north side LZ of the site and from there I’ll need to hoof it across the ruins to the main entrance to the maze before sunrise. Once in the maze I’ll have 6 hours to run the length of the corridor and recon target sites X,Y, & Z before heading topside to the primary extraction point on the south-eastern of the exit point before sunrise the next day.”

“What’s your back-up?” Royce pressed her.

“If shit turns sideways early on or the primary extraction site is compromised. I abort and head for extraction site #2.” DeVirr sounded off. “ If #2 is compromised I disappear for 48 hours and than head for Site #3 or #4 depending on the current sit-rep.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Royce agreed.


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