The Media Monkey

Adonis IV
Six Star Alliance - Fortress Station
1400 - 31-01-2396

Kenny woke up in bed with several women he could not recognize. His head was still fuzzy from his last party. He stumbled to the bathroom to drain the large amounts of booze he imbibed merely hours ago. He swayed a bit as he tried to aim for the toilet. Luckily he managed to not make a mess before he finished his business. He then stripped and stumbled into the shower to wash up a bit. Hoping to clear his mind he activated the vid screen on the wall to see the news and current events since he was going to be deployed soon.

On the News with Ms. Diana Oda:
With just 10 hours remaining on the clock until the official start of the campaign SSA Command and Control was already getting things rolling for the initial deployment of troops and equipment to the surface of Adonis IV. The first wave of nearly 150,000 troops as well as supporting gear and equipment already in the process of being loaded on to one of the two dozen heavy troop transports or the 200 or so smaller combat dropships and support craft.

Kenny chuckled as he saw the cluster that was the initial set up. One would think they would improve the process after so many screw ups but some things never the higher ups using a real brain to run the show instead of someone's rich son trying to make a big impression who would piss his pants the moment he was in danger. Kenny found it funny since those types avoided him after he kept inviting them to join his glorious path to self destruction. Then one of his commercials popped up and he chuckled at it as he had no idea what the commercial was for. He was dressed up like some kind of knight swatting arrows.


Kenny chuckled as he rinsed off and saw the next commercial where he played the husband in a booze commercial.


Kenny chuckled as he probably slept with that woman playing his wife and sadly lacked any memory of it since he was wasted most of the time. It would be sad to say he barely remembered any of the women he slept with and even worse he barely remembered actually having sex with them. The only reason he knew he did the deed was the evidence left behind when he woke up. Once he cleaned up he got dressed and left the hotel room and saw some hot women in the lobby waiting to greet him with a strong coffee/espresso and a few breakfast sandwiches. Kenny politely greeted them and thanked them for breakfast as he was escorted to the company transport.

Once in the transport he ate his breakfast as his representatives explained his role in the media and their plans for his coverage. Once Kenny was done eating he checked his bank account to see if he was still getting paid and texted his sister to check on her. Then he read her response and chuckled as she was worried for him since he was going back to war. After appeasing her with several texts he looked at his schedule and saw he would be have a few more promotions left before he was to be deployed but that could change depending on the initial start of the war.

Normally he would get deployed after the war began and the Six Star Alliance needed a big move to get the ratings and points in their favor or to turn the tide with a well placed suicide bombing. Kenny heard that DeVirr and the Tunnel Rats were gonna make a big scouting move early in the game so that could change his deployment time either way. If they were successful he might come in later but if they failed he would be on the next transport out.


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