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Once in the transport he ate his breakfast as his representatives explained his role in the media and their plans for his coverage. Once Kenny was done eating he checked his bank account to see if he was still getting paid and texted his sister to check on her. Then he read her response and chuckled as she was worried for him since he was going back to war. After appeasing her with several texts he looked at his schedule and saw he would be have a few more promotions left before he was to be deployed but that could change depending on the initial start of the war.

Normally he would get deployed after the war began and the Six Star Alliance needed a big move to get the ratings and points in their favor or to turn the tide with a well placed suicide bombing. Kenny heard that DeVirr and the Tunnel Rats were gonna make a big scouting move early in the game so that could change his deployment time either way. If they were successful he might come in later but if they failed he would be on the next transport out.

After arriving at next promo site he got out of the transport and his female escorts guided him to a building. He looked around a bit and saw a few guards to keep the place safe as well as a few promo people on their phones making big deals. He smirked at everyone as he passed by. Some waved and smiled back while others dismissed him since they were to busy. Kenny didn't let it bug him much as he entered a dressing room and was quickly changed into a copy of his armored suit. He learned that he was going to be on a talk show and needed to promote the Six Star Alliance War. The talk show host went by the name of Johnny Styles and he was apparently a big name in the industry, which was why Kenny was on his show. Kenny worked with him before and had an idea of what to expect from the zany host. After being introduced by Johnny Styles, Kenny came out to a big applause from the fake hologram audience.

Then Johnny Styles would make some bad jokes before he asked some decent questions. Then he would let Kenny do his bit on promoting the Six Star Alliance. Between commercials they would have a live band play a song to set the mood. Then Johnny would ask a few scripted and serious questions for Kenny who pondered a bit before answering them to make it look real. Then they move onto the next guest and Kenny would excuse himself as he made his way back to the dressing room. While changing his outfit he heard that some of the other guests were high maintenance unlike Kenny who was easy going. They wished the others would not be so high and mighty since they had a bit of fame. Then they mentioned that in 30 years no one would even know who they were and it would come back at them for that. Kenny wondered what he would be doing in 30 years since he barely aged physically since he got a new body quite often and was stuck in a time loop for his job. Would he retire? Would he keep going? Would his brain turn to mush? Would he eventually die and no longer worry about all this stress? Then he remembered his dear sister lecturering him on taking better care of himself and then smirked with a hint of guilt. Once he was done he was escorted to his hotel for some R&R. After a deep body massage he was treated to a lot of TLC from his escorts to keep him busy till they needed him again.


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