A Day Like Any Other...

Most of the posts here will be joint posts, so if they are not I will specify at the beginning of the post for those reading to understand.

Converge Hospital - Afternoon

Waking up in a hospital bed with a nurse telling him that he’d suffered a drug overdose was now how Colt had expected to start his day. First of all, he didn’t do drugs. Sure, he smoked cigarettes, but he’d never done drugs, so this was just weird to him. Also, he couldn’t recall the night before at all.

“Where am I?” He asked after sipping some of the water the nurse handed him.

“Converge Hospital, sweetheart,” She replied.

“Oh…” His expression must have given away his confusion because she continued.

“It’s in Converge City, on the only land within the planet Converge.” She explained calmly and took his vitals calmly. As she did so, his snow white cat ears fell back in dismay. What was Converge? Why was he on it? In its hospital? How had he gotten a drug overdose without doing drugs?!

“Excuse me…but…I don’t do drugs, so how…” He let the words trail off.

“Oh, it was…uhm…not a willing overdose.” The nurse glanced away, nervousness in her eyes. “I’ll go find your Finnish friend and let her know you’re okay.”

Before he could say anything, the nurse was gone.

In the waiting room, Piritta promptly punched the nurse in the boob. “Joten anna minun nähdä Colt!”

“OW!” The woman cried out and stumbled to the floor. “What did I do?! I was simply letting you know he’s available for you to see!”

“Ette antanut minun nähdä Coltia.” Piritta sniffed and stepped over the nurse on her way to Colt. “Hei! Colt! Missä olet? Meidän täytyy mennä.”

Colt was already pulling his clothes on. All he had to do was get his shoes on now. “I’m here, I’m here!”

“Löin jotain narttua” Piritta looked at Colt. “Osaatko sitoa kengät itse?”

“Yes, Piritta…” Colt grumbled as he got his boots on. “What the fuck’s happening? Where are we?” He asked and tied his boots before grabbing his backpack, which was shockingly fine.

“En tiedä.” Piritta shrugged. “Söin todella hienoja sieniä. Mutta joka narttu pisti juomasi. Sulla oli hauska.”

Before Colt could reply, they both heard a yell from down the hall. “THERE SHE IS!” The nurse screamed and a pair of orderlies were suddenly after them.

“You punched a NURSE?!” Colt blurted.


Kimber's Home - Afternoon

Kimber was busy tinkering with her tools, fixing up an old radio, when she heard it. The crashing sound made her jump and she cursed at the now bent component. “Someone betta be fuckin’ dyin’.” She growled as she tossed off her goggles and set aside the tools. Getting up, she pulled off her work gloves and dropped them to her chair as she went to the door of her little house just outside the city.

“Careful, Kimber…” A flower whispered.

“Careful, careful…he’s human. Human.” Another told her.

“He?” Kimber asked with narrowed eyes as she unlocked the door and opened it to see just who this ‘he’ was.

Amit slowly open his eyes to the blinding light of the sun. He remembered chilling on the beach last night with friends but not passing out. Something was also different, sure he felt sand beneath him and the sun beating down on him but not in the same way it would in Florida. As his eyes slowly adjusted he took notice of his surroundings.

“Definitely not Florida” He muttered to himself before standing up to stretch.

“Yer a long way from Florida, human.” Kimber’s voice was stern as she spoke, an odd little square device in hand. Letting it float above her palm, it began to make a clicking sound as it scanned over Amit. “Before ya ask, I’m addin’ ya ta tha database for Converge. Everyone’s gotta be added ta keep up with all those who die.”

It was a lot to take in for such few words.

“That's kind of you thanks” Amit said in a cheerful tone “so are you like a cute angel babe and this is the afterlife or a cute alien babe and this is a new planet?”

Kimber rolled her eyes. “Yer on a planet called Converge, human. Yer not dead. If ya were dead, ya’d probably be dressed in somethin’ more…white.”

Amit looked down at his Hawaiian “i prefer this over white” he replied with a shrug “so what's your name and what happens now?”

“Kimber,” She answered and tapped the side of the cube. “Smile fer tha camera, pretty boy.” With a grin, Kimber held the cube toward him and there was a quick flash as it took a picture. “Now yer in tha database!”

“Sweet, can we take one together next?” He asked in a cheerful tone “Also is the water safe to swim in if yes we should go swimming.”

“Yer not gettin’ it, are ya?” Kimber snorted. “What’s yer name…?” She looked at the transparent file that popped up above the cube. “Amit…what kinda name is Amit? Whatever. Anyway, no, we can’t. To answer yer second question, not much water is safe here.”

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