“You punched a NURSE?!” Colt blurted.

“Joo. Se oli bucket-listallani.” Piritta said, cheerfully punching the orderlies in their groins.

“I’m so glad you’re my friend…” Colt said in a concerned voice before grabbing her hand and pulling her toward a window. “Sweet, we’re on the first floor.” With a turn, he released Piritta and slammed his back into the window, shattering it just as more orderlies showed up to get them. “Come on!” He ushered Piritta to out quickly.

“Mut-mutta!” Piritta protested but jumped out the window. There were so many orderly dicks to punch.

“You can punch them once we know what the fuck is going on, okay?” Colt said as he hopped out after her and growled. “They must have handed my sword over to the fuckin’ police…”

“Meidän pitäisi etsiä se sieltä.” Piritta grumbled, nodding back towards the hospital.

“It wouldn’t be there if it was confiscated on scene.” Colt reminded her. “Let's just go before they send more of those thugs after us.”

“Täällä he ovat liian tiukkoja. Ovatko he mielestäsi mormoneja? Ehkä Brandon Sanderson on täällä…” Piritta mumbled, picking up her pace.

“If that’s the case, I don’t wanna come back.” Colt said as he reached a fence and vaulted over it with cat-like reflexes. “Once we’re somewhere safe, I’ll figure out what we should do. I don’t want you getting hurt, Piritta.”

“Rakastan Brandon Sandersonia!” Piritta scowled at Colt as she climbed up the fence and dropped to her feet on the other side. “En koskaan loukkaannu.”

“Sorry, sorry,” Colt sighed heavily. “I forgot. I’m stressed…” He looked around and grimaced. “So…lots of buildings.”

“Niinkö? En huomannut.” Piritta said sarcastically. She started striding towards one that looked like it might have coffee inside of it.

Following Piritta, Colt looked at the sign and shook his head, glancing around and noticing the correct place. “There,” He said, pointing to a place that served nothing but coffee. It was even named after it in Finnish. “This place is awesome. They named it Coffee in Finnish.”

“Kahvi.” Piritta said and charged in to get her life’s blood.

Umbral looked up from where she sat as the Fin rushed in and watched the person at the counter wait for her to tell them her order. “Interesting…” She whispered and sipped her coffee, which was half French Vanilla creamer.

Colt walked in and stood next to Piritta. “Coffee. Black. Please.” He stated stiffly.

“Kahvi, mustana, nyt.” Piritta ordered. She frowned at the scent of french vanilla creamer.

The woman at the counter nodded and put in the order, telling them the price. “That'll be 20 tabs.”

“Wait, what?” Colt asked in confusion.

“You new here?” She asked.

Colt nodded.

“Yo, Umbral, come here!” The cashier called.

Getting up, the pink haired girl with a unicorn horn walked over, her medical bag in hand. Her coffee had been drunk and she tossed the cup into a recycler that chimed. “What can I help you with?” She asked in a soft voice that would remind them of someone they knew from home…

“So what is there to do for fun around here if we can't swim?” he asked in a tone that conveyed he wasn't worried about waking up on an Alien world.

“I never said ya can’t swim…just that tha water ain’t safe. We got pools,” She answered and put the cube away. “I’m a surveyor of sorts. I make sure I get all those I meet inta tha database. Tha tech here is epic!” There was the first sign of a smile on her face, which made her more beautiful than expected. “I bet ya and Umbral would get along.”

“No idea who Umbral is but I'm always down to meet new people” Amit before giving the girl a hug “thanks for helping me by the way.”

Kimber quickly shoved him away. “No touchin’!” She warned and headed for the house. “C’mon! I got food an’ whatever else ya humans like, I guess.”

Amit nodded and followed behind her. Between looking at the beautiful green skinned woman and the surroundings He felt like he was in paradise. “So you mentioned that technology here was out of this world.”

“I said epic, specifically,” the green skinned woman corrected. “And why do ya look so excited. Yer lucky ya didn’t show up at night or ya would be dead. Once it’s dark, tha bad stuff comes out. Get what I mean?” She looked at him as she opened the kitchen door. A few of her flowers turned and watched, interested in this man their alien queen had allowed inside her home.

“Is he a human?” One whispered.

“Yes, we already clarified that.” Another said.

“Send this to Umbral. Umbral must know.”

“She must know!”

The flowers quieted down.

“I'm from Florida dangerous stuff happens there all the time both day and night” he reply in a nonchalant tone as they walked. Entering the home he found himself mesmerized by the various plants. “You guys got talking plants? Far out.

“Yes, Converge is home to a lot of strange things.” Kimber sighed heavily, wishing he would be more serious about this. “What are ya hungry fer?”

“He’s not freaking out.” A flower giggled.

“Don't suppose you got cheeseburgers so you?” Amit asked while taking a seat. “Also it's not that I'm not taking things serious I'm just not worried it's not like I had family back on Earth.”

“Right,” Kimber frowned. “Are ya a mind reader er somethin’? That’s creepy. Yeah, we got those…” She gestured toward a fridge. “Ya can heat it up er whatever. I gotta call Umbral an’ see if she’s up fer a visit.” Walking out of the room, she looked at her hand as an image of a pink haired woman with horn appeared.

“She doesn’t hate you,” The flower told Amit. “She’s just cautious.”

“The last one that came here, he…” Another piped in.

“He tried bad things.” The first finished.

Amit face turned serious for a moment “Y'all got those type of bad people as well here I see” he whispered to the flowers while grabbing the food to cook. “Hopefully y'all got gators as well easiest way to dispose of those assholes.”

“What are gators?” The second flower asked.

“We have them. You’ve just never seen one.” The first explained and shuddered. “That’s exactly what Kimber fed him to. She hates those types. She cut him up and even cooked him for the gator.”

“That was stinky.”

“You’re stinky!”

“Nuh uh!!!”

“I think I like Kimber even more now,” he chuckled, making sure to cook enough for both of them and this Umbral person. “Y'all have to be the most interesting flowers I've met.”

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