Office Visitation!

“Kaksikymmentä tabs... Se tarkoittaa, että se on ilmainen.” Piritta said, frowning at the unicorn girl.

“Explain to them what we mean…” The cashier said.

Umbral pulled a strange card from her pocket and set it down. “This is what we call a tab card. It pays the amount we owe. Just charge me for it. I can help them get their cards today.” She explained with a kind smile.

“Uh…thanks.” Colt said nervously.

“No need,” Umbral said, blinking as a little sprite poked out of her hair. It was all fluff and had odd little butterfly-like wings. “I like to help people, especially if they’re new here.”

“You’re not, like, gonna scam us, are you?” Colt growled.

“What?” Umbral looked genuinely confused.

“Oh, god, she’s naive…” Colt groaned.

“Haluatko huijata hänet?” Piritta asked Colt, watching the sprite in Umbral’s hair. “Luulen, että hänellä on avaruustäitä.” Piritta scratched her own scalp.

“What in the world are you getting at?” Umbral looked annoyed now. “I’m just trying to help…”

“Sorry,” Colt grumbled. “Just used to people doing bad shit to us.”

“I don’t intend to do…bad things to you.” Umbral hesitated, not wishing to speak such foul language.

“Ei mitään.” Piritta said, feeling a little bad for joking about scamming Umbral now. Umbral was probably already hard on her luck with those lice.

“Piritta, be nice.” Colt whispered to his friend and gave Umbral a kind smile. “Well, thanks for helping us. So…the chip thingie?”

The sprite in Umbral’s hair glared at Piritta and slid back into the safety of the pink silky locks. “It’s easy. Once you’ve got your coffees we can go ahead and get them for you.” Umbral chimed with a sweet smile that told of her innocence.

“Thanks…” Colt said and smiled when they got their coffee. “Finally.”

Piritta promptly inhaled her coffee. “Tarvitsen enemmän.” She murmured. She looked like she might jump over the counter and help herself to an urn or two of coffee.

“Is…uh…she okay?” The staff person asked.

“Yes,” Colt’s voice went cold, shocking blue eyes glaring at the person. “You got a problem?”

“N-n-no!” They squeaked and muttered a worry in Finnish before having to run to the bathroom.

As if he’d read Piritta’s mind, Colt smirked and looked at her. “Coffee’s all yours.” He told her.

“Oh, that was sneaky,” Umbral said with a soft giggle.

Piritta climbed over the counter and picked up two urns of coffee, one in each hand. She grinned as she climbed back over the counter. “Joo, otetaan nämä tabikortit.” She nodded to Umbral.

Colt chuckled and headed for the door. “Come on,” He called over his shoulder.

Umbral looked at Piritta with a kind smile. “I'll help you both.” She said.

“Kiitos!” Piritta said and caught up with Colt in a few strides. She scooped Colt up and slung him over her shoulder. “Voin mennä nopeammin.” She said as she carried him out the door. “Tule Umbral!”

“Hey, put me back down!” Colt yelped.

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