Morning At Kimber's House

When morning arrived, the sun rising, Kimber would be cooking breakfast for everyone. Umbral would already be in the kitchen, helping with the cooking while the little sprite from her hair hung around on the dining room table. The sprite itself was small, elegant, and merely helped set things up.

Piritta wandered into the kitchen wearing nothing but her boots. “Tarvitsen kahvia nyt.” She yawned.

Umbral simply gestured toward the full coffee pot. “Surprised you didn’t smell it, Miss Piritta.” She said.

Kimber blinked, “Watch the food, please.” She told Umbral and the sprite. “Good morning, Piritta.” Turning, she made her way to Amit’s room and knocked on the door.

Amit's eyes slowly opened as he took in his surroundings. “So yesterday wasn’t a dream” he whispered to himself as he stood up and stretched. Having gotten hot the night before he was now just dressed in a pair of shorts. Moving to the door he opened it. “Morning” he yawned in a half-asleep tone.

Kimber blinked at the sight of Amit, taking in all the muscles and exposed skin for a moment. Shaking the new unwise thoughts from her mind, she offered a smile. “You hungry? Might be a good idea to eat before we head toward the city.” She said with a grin.

“I could kiss you right now” Amit replied his stomach growling at the mention of food. Realizing what he just said he blushed “ I mean yes I'd love some.” Grabbing his shirt he threw it on without buttoning it and followed her.

In the kitchen, Kimber made plates for everyone and handed Amit one. “Enjoy it. We’re going to be heading to the city today and it can be a bit hectic.” She explained as Colt walked into the kitchen. “Morning, cat ears…”

“Colt…” He corrected her with a frown.

“Morning Colt, did you sleep well?” Amit asked as he took a seat at the table.

“I never sleep well…” Colt replied as he slowly ate. “So, we’re going to the city today?”

Kimber nodded and slowly ate her own meal. “Yes, I have to get you all to Whisp. She can help.”

“Exploring an alien city I can finally check this off my bucket list” Amit replied in a happy tone. “So how did you and your partner meet Colt?”

Colt grimaced and blushed, stopping mid-bite. “Uh…” He gulped and set the spoon down on the plate, thanking whatever gods were out there when Piritta and Umbral walked in. “Hey, you two. Amit here is excited to visit the city. You know, that place we were in yesterday…”


“Kiitos.” Piritta murmured, taking the pot and wandering back to her bed with it.

Umbral simply smiled and worked on the food with the help of the sprite, soon bringing a plate to Piritta’s room. Knocking on the door, she said, “Would you like some breakfast, Miss Piritta?”

Piritta was dangling by her fingertips from the ceiling, the empty coffee pot laying on the floor on its side. Piritta looked at Umbral with wide, wild eyes. “Joo, haluaisn syödä.” Piritta said and dropped to the floor, landing like a particularly heavy cat, narrowly missing landing on the coffee pot. Piritta picked up the coffee pot and zipped over to Umbral. She gazed at the plate of food. “Vau.”

Umbral tilted her head to the side. “Why do you say wow?” She asked and offered the plate to Piritta.

Drinking the entire pot of space coffee had a strange effect on Piritta. “Avaruusruokaa.” She said reverently, accepting the plate. She tried to put the entire plate in her mouth at once, a feat that was beyond even the Finn though she did get her mouth around an impressive amount of plate before she stopped. She sat on the floor, resting the plate on her lap, then began devouring the food on the plate at record speed.

“Uhm, Miss Piritta, this place works a lot like Earth…we just have magic here and don’t judge others for being…well, different.” Umbral explained, frowning.

“Tosi hyvä!” Piritta declared after eating every bit of food from the plate. She eyed the plate, wondering if it was also edible. She tried an experimental nibble.

Umbral quickly snatched the plate away. “That is not edible.” She said in her kind voice. “Come, let's get you more coffee in the kitchen. I think I hear Colt in there. You two are together, yes?”

“Joo, mutta meillä ei ole vielä seksiä. Yhdessä. Coltilla on edelleen molemmat kätensä.” Piritta explained opening the door and heading back to the kitchen.

“I’m not sure what having both his hands has to do with having sex…” Umbral said in confusion and shrugged. “But okay!” She followed Piritta to the kitchen. “The city isn’t too exciting,” Umbral explained as she stepped inside, overhearing the conversation between the men, and started another pot of coffee for Piritta. “It’s like any other city on Earth.”

Piritta made a jerking off gesture to answer what Umbral said. “Hei, huomenta.” Piritta greeted, going to the coffee pot to watch the magic happen.

Amit looked over to Piritta “ so how did you two meet!”

Colt went silent for a moment. “You’re a nosy guy…” He grumbled.

Kimber rolled her eyes. “Men.” She muttered and watched Piritta stare at the coffee pot. “We have only the best coffee on Converge.”

“Paras kahvi on suomessa.” Piritta corrected. “Mutta, tämä kahvi on tosi hyvä.”

Kimber shrugged, not bothered by the correction. She did note how Piritta didn’t answer Amit, though, and giggled at that.

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