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Early Globetrotter

Game: Globetrotter

Awarded: May 5, 2022

For: For becoming a Globetrotter early in the game's life.


Game of Lords

Game: Dark Steel

Awarded: Feb 15, 2021

For: For having your characters playing the game of Lords


Letting the Fires burn.

Game: Xierheart: Rise and Fall of the Empire of Night(Open for New Players)

Awarded: Feb 15, 2021

For: For letting the game continuing, and beginning the wars of the land.


Star Wars: Alliance Community Award

Game: Star Wars: Alliance

Awarded: Nov 4, 2020

For: For being an early member and active contributor to Star Wars: Alliance


Extraordinary Plot Twist

Game: Hart to Hart

Awarded: Apr 25, 2020

For: For Blowing everyone away with a fun and unexpected way of doing things!


Villain of The Month!

Game: The New Heroes of Capitol City

Awarded: Apr 5, 2020

For: For creating the compelling characters Agent Johnson, Wilson Simms