Enderslayer's awards

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First Victim

Game: ALIEN: Sutter's World

Awarded: Mar 1, 2022

For: For being the first PC to die in Alien: Sutter's World.


Happy Kingdom Day!

Game: Dark Age of Aeran

Awarded: Sep 29, 2021

For: It is the anniversary of Two Kingdoms and Dark Age of Aeran! And you were there!


Prolific Writing Demon

Game: Dark Age of Aeran

Awarded: Jul 14, 2021

For: For adding a library's worth of lore of literal demons, world building, and frequent posting!


Persistence and Perseverance

Game: OW Community Platform

Awarded: Jul 5, 2019

For: For whethering the highs and numerous lows of OW and still kicking strong. Don't give up!