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There will be bugs!

You might have noticed some changes to the site yesterday. That’s because I uploaded a whole lotta changes all at once! Here’s my video about that: Read More


404 Art Not Found [Maybe you can fix that!]

404 pageI bet that picture to the right looks very boring. Just… a white background. I bet you think you can make a good picture for it. You probably can. You know what, you should. Right now Ongoing Worlds is hosting a  two week contest stating tomorrow to see who can make the best picture for our 404 page! To see a set of guidlines and contest dates, just hit that really nicely formatted read more button! [It’s a really nice button too] Read More


‘Newest games’ added to homepage

newest games homepage

The paradox of creating a new roleplaying game is that people will be less likely to join a new game if there’s no players, meaning you can’t get players until you… have players.  Read More


New way to tag characters on a post by searching

Got loads of characters?

too many characters

Ok yeah this might be quite a lot! The screenshot above was taken by Leon from his game Spellbound, which has quite a few characters!  Read More


Sci-fi western? Zombie romance? Multiple new categories available

Cowboy aliens roleplay

This feature was requested a while ago, and I forgot who asked for it (own up in the comments below!). And I thought it was a good idea. Instead of having just one game category, you can now have several Read More


New category: Adventure

Indiana Jones

A new category of “Adventure” has been added to the list of types of games. Read More


Hero membership

Hero membership

Hey dudes, I’ve added a new way to highlight & reward users who donate. As a way for me to say thanks, and for donators to have something a bit special. Read More


You can now request your game to be private

Private sign

Okay so private games are now officially live Read More


Private games are now in beta

Woman roleplaying suspiciously

Quite a few people asked for private games in the recent survey, so I’ve worked hard this weekend and private games are now available. Read More


New image upload size

Cropping a manatee avatarHey dudes, just wanted to let you know that I’ve upped the size of the image that gets used for the game profile and character profiles. The maximum size is now 460 x 345.

You can (and always have been) able to upload images much larger than this, but it’s always been crunched down to a much smaller size by the crop tool. Read More