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Games Lacking Members

themurdergameIt’s Mike again with a post about a common problem in the Play by Post RPG community: a lack in members. This could be anything from only having two members, to having fifty and only six actually post. This article will cover the strains of operating a game without many members, and feature several games that are currently lacking members on Ongoing Worlds. If you don’t want to read my advice, the I URGE you to read through the list of games lacking members! These guys have worked hard on their games and would love nothing better than to have you join!

It’s a Pain in the Arse

Not having many members in your game can be a real pain. You put all of that hard work into making an RPG game for others to play, and it seems like nobody wants to join! You blame yourself, your writing, and the world, and you might end up closing the game. Closing a game because of a lack of members is the absolute worst  thing you can do! I know from experience that all closing a game from lack of members will do is give you a feeling of regret that doesn’t ever go away. I once had a game about a social experiment taking place on a space station. The game was well developed, and the underlying plot was unfolding nicely, but it never took off, it hovered around 3 members for its short life. I ended it, which upset my members because they loved their characters, and closing the game was like killing those characters. I regret closing it, but it’s too late now. I’ve since created two games, each unique in its own way. Both have well over 3 members, but I can’t stop thinking about where my original game could have gone if I never closed it. By writing this article, I hope to persuade other differently, and present a group of games that are lacking in members.


The Underlying Causes

There is no end to the reasons why certain games don’t take off. I’ll start with the obvious: the plot. Check to make sure that you game’s plot is coherent and well developed, it might seem understandable to you, but it always will since you’re the creator. Maybe there isn’t enough in the description, or the plot of the game isn’t as clear or well developed as you thought. Get a second opinion from another member of the community, and see what they think. They might be able to help you bang on the details and configure the plot in a way that attracts members. Another leading cause to a lack in members might be because the target audience is either small or non-existent on Ongoing Worlds. While the site attracts a large amount of people with varying interests, the fanbase of you favorite book, show, or movie might not frequent the site, or maybe they don’t like roleplaying (their loss!) If the fanbase isn’t present, that doesn’t mean that nobody will join. My advice is to try and bring them to Ongoing Worlds, or even modify the game to fit another genre to attract another caste of roleplayers (I don’t recommend this if you’re trying your best to stick to the original story/movie/show). Another option is to put the original material out there, show people what movie it’s based off of, or the book, TV series, or even other game. They might come to like it! A huge cause of membership drops is a lack of advertisement, which has been covered plenty of times before, and can be found here


Cool Games Lacking Members

Over the last month GM’s from Ongoing Worlds have sent me blurbs about their games that have 3 or below members. I strongly urge you to read through the list in its entirety and give these games some serious thought! These guys worked hard on their games, and I’m sure they’d welcome you with open arms if you applied!


Corpse Party: The Blood of the Living corpseparty

Corpse Party: Blood of the Living is a horror game through and through. It may seem like an innocent tale of Japanese schoolgirls coming to terms with High School life, but this game has a darker side – a much more darker side than innocent Japanese High School girls could ever imagine.

YOU will play as a student of “Host of Heaven” high school – an all-girl private High School in Japan. Something is wrong in this high school – besides grades, winning the volleyball championship and being the most popular girl in school YOU will have to solve an ancient riddle if you want to live to see garduation.



Guilty Little Secretguiltylittlesecret

Everyone has secrets… The only question is, how long can they be kept? You’ve kept them very well up until now. But now someone is threatening your secrecy, with nothing wanted in return. You receive strange notes from a strange person who calls themselves “The Truth Bringer,” who will tell all your secrets if you don’t stop them. But first, you need to find them…

So far, Jarrett and Jade are the only characters, and they have arranged to meet up in Missouri. They found a strange address on the letter the Truth Bringer brought them, and are going to investigate it.

They will find some more clues there, or maybe another person with a secret to keep.




When something goes wrong aboard the Spacial Cruise Liner Omega 7 causing it to loose connection with United National, how will the crew of the lone ship cope with ever dwindling supplies, barely functional gear, and almost no survival training?

Currently the ships still not left dock, with the game being basically dead for the better part of a year. The original omega seven was opened and closed in 2010, so the hope is to revitalize this reincarnation of the game with decently paced storyline, and a good dedicated playerbase.



The Internettheinternet

The world fell to pieces. It became a disheveled, disorganized mess. And it stayed that way. At least for a while… until the Internet rose to claim it. Now the world is organised, but in a different fashion from the way it was. Login is required at every turn, and you cannot get far without being a Member. Walking is practically non-existent, the roads gone aside from small service paths for the Admin, teleportation being the standard method of transportation. And it all works perfectly, without a single glitch, until the Bandwidth Overload. The problem is quickly fixed, but it creates a blank spot in the world’s memory. What is in that blank spot, you ask? Simple. You. The world has no idea that you exist, and with no login, there is no way you can survive long without the Admin catching and Banning you. How long can you evade them?

There are characters in each group, so far, but not much has happened. In the future, though, the two Admin will team up to find Non-Existents. Also, a new character group for Spammers has been added.



The Murder Gamethemurdergame

Our lovely students are currently enjoying a “fun” murder mystery as they search for the murderer that killed Louis, who was a suspect in the murder of teacher: Ms. Dela. e was stabbed in the back and the students are puzzling away at this newest addition to the dead.




I hope you found my advice useful, and I really hope you found these games interesting! Remember to never close your games because of a lack in members and always keep your eyes open for a new game to join, you might make the GM’s day!