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2014 Simming Fall Festival

Fall festival ongoingworlds squid logoFallFest ’14 will be here in just a few short hours!  This year’s pinnacle event for the simming and online role play community is hosted by Phoenix Roleplaying and chaired by Misty Taylor.  Let’s give a special thanks to Misty and everyone at Phoenix for all the hard work they’ve done in preparation for today’s festival. Bravo!  As always, FallFest is open to all simmers and online role players, regardless of rank or club affiliation elsewhere.

The schedule of events includes interactive discussions, dynamic role plays, and engaging trivia games.  Be there later today at 1:45 PM Eastern Standard Time / 6:45 PM Greenwich Mean Time when Misty and the rest of the team kick things off with the opening ceremony!  Below you’ll find a complete listing of events and links to the applicable chat rooms.

I’d also like to give a special thanks now to Cheridan of Ongoing Worlds for setting up the incredible chat rooms this year–they’re a big stop up from anything we’ve used in the past.  Thanks, Cheri!

Ceremony | Discussion | Role Play | Trivia Game

Chat Room #1 (Discussions):

Time Event Host
1:45 EST / 6:45 GMT Opening Ceremony Misty Taylor
2 EST / 7 GMT Bowing out gracefully (or not): Leaving a sim or club and how to deal with those who won’t Chas Hammer
3 EST / 8 GMT 10 Things that Annoy Roleplayers Misty Taylor
4 EST / 9 GMT Creating and Developing Realistic Characters James D. West
5 EST / 10 GMT With all the Mary Sue talk, can characters be too plain? narwhalOfTruth
6 EST / 11 GMT Resistance is Futile: Negotiation Exercise Charles Star
7 EST / 12 GMT Resistance is Futile: Negotiation Exercise (continued) Charles Star
8 EST / 1 GMT Closing Ceremony Misty Taylor

Chat Room #2 (Trivias & Sims):

Time Event Host
2 EST / 7 GMT “Use the Force, Harry!” Carter screamed Megan Schultz
3 EST / 8 GMT Anything Goes Round Robin Trivia Chas Hammer
4 EST / 9 GMT Anything Goes Sim Misty Taylor
5 EST / 10 GMT Alpha Six (A-Team Sim) Silent Hunter
6 EST / 11 GMT Scifi and other Random Trivia FSF Ignatius
7 EST / 12 GMT Scifi and other Random Trivia (continued) FSF Ignatius

 A special thanks to our contributors:

  • Nick R

    This is soooooo much fun!

    • David Wrath

      we should do this every month

  • Charles Star

    Thanks again to Misty, Phoenix Roleplaying, and all the hosts. You guys did an absolutely fantastic job and gave the community exactly what it needed before the holidays! I can’t wait to see you all again at SciWorld in the spring and FallFest ’15 a year from now.

    Here’s to FallFest ’14! It now belongs to the ages.

  • Chas

    It was fun! I got to pontificate about how to retire (or not), and helped neogiate the design of a starship. But I’m sure everyone wants to know the results of my trivia round robin – so here we go. Mike took home the gold with 18.570796327 points. Megan was a close second with 18 points. Jenna had a respectable 14 points. Pond came in with 11.64159265359 points. I ended up with negative one point. However, I redeemed myself later in the evening during Iggy’s trivia, from which I took home one point!

  • Amy

    Thank you all so very much for hosting. I had a lovely time! <3 Amy aka Pond_UCIP

  • RachaelK

    I had a wonderful time ♥♥♥♥ Thank you to Charles, Misty and Chas and everybody else for making Fallfest happen. I can;t wait until next year ♥

  • Silent Hunter

    Thanks to all who attended!

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