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The most popular blog articles of last year

It’s always interesting to look back and see which of our blog posts attracted eager readers.. Here’s the most popular from the last year:

Change is the essential process of all existence

1. 10 of the greatest Spock quotes

Last year we saw the passing of Leonard Nimoy, and our tribute was seen and shared many times, being viewed over 22,000 times.

Lethal weapon

2. Pairing up characters with opposite traits

Fantasy World

3. Some random planet/world name generators

map generator

4. Five cool map generators

roleplaying lessons from the princess bride

5. Roleplaying Lessons From The Princess Bride


6. 15 Unusual Dwarf Types


7. 12 villain archetypes to choose from

Death note kira vs L

8. Positive & negative trait tables

lost in wilderness

9. Your character is lost in the wilderness. 120 ideas for what happens next

Peggy carter is a strong female character, but that doesn't make her a mary sue

10. Is the term “Mary Sue” sexist & belittling?


Most popular (other) articles from all time

  1. A list of great random character name generators – 13,048 views
  2. 4 rather good planet name generators – 12,155 views
  3. 9 more movies with character flashbacks – 8,347 views
  4. The many different types of Mary Sue – 6,427 views
  5. What is godmodding and why is it annoying? – 3,721 views
  6. A big long list of personality traits – 3,223 views
  7. Is it wrong to RP a relationship, when you are in a relationship yourself? – 2,953 views
  8. How to use bitstrips to create a character image – 2,495 views
  9. What to do when your Facebook roleplaying account is deleted – 2,246 views
  10. Facebook hates roleplayers – 2,211 views