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Unique Holidays

So, you want to include a holiday, but don’t want to have the traditional names so you don’t upset anyone who doesn’t celebrate the upcoming event. Well, why not invent your own name for it and send an OOC to your players? Read More


Turkey Day and Beyond – How should we celebrate?

Turkey on a computer monitor

A day for giving thanks, family, delicious food, and… good simming? Well, yeah! We all loving simming, some even count our fellow players as a surrogate family of sorts. But how should we celebrate?

1. A Break, Version 1

Since it is a holiday, why don’t we save the whole haliday for the real people in our lives? For the holidays, no role playing. We may miss our online family, but they may also want to take a break. Be sure to tell everyone that you won’t be on that day and why. Read More