Miranda Rights

---- Dalen forest, near Ragodast. Early evening, 0 DSTR ----

Hearing Sabina's words, the speaker in the middle of the trio of pikemen chuckled before stepping forward with his pike leveled with the horse's throat. Shaking his head, he called out to her, "You are under arrest for the murder of and desecration of a soldier of the Queen of Dalen. You can either dismount your steed and come with us willingly, or I can kill your horse and pull you to the ground. Your choice."

When he spoke of the violence, every soldier moved forward to get a better place to deliver a killing blow to the equine. Sneering up at the woman, one of the halberdiers to her left side reached a hand up and grabbed a handful of her clothes before attempting to pull her down.

Ooc - Sorry for the short, just wanted to get this going again so Sabina's whereabouts were known.

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