-Dalen Capital, Slave Pens, Night, 2 DSTR-

Lafayette sighed. "If I die I will haunt you."

Kalena chuckled softly at his back. He was a real trooper going into that death-freezing gods-awful cell, she had to give him that. She listened as he gently assured the captive woman that he meant no harm; and by the woman's lifeless appearance she did not expect to hear any kind of reply back, let alone a voice to instantly reply and in such a flat, sarcastic tone.

"Oh thank you for rescuing me. But who are you? Was it the queen, she is angry isn't she? More so then usual. You wouldn't happen to have clothes would you? It seems rude to have you stare at me."

"You know Her Majesty?" Kalena asked in surprise as the mysterious woman came out of the cell. Intrigued at this, she reluctantly parted with her assassin's cloak and draped it over the stranger's chilled body. "My name is Kalena Valade. Perhaps you've heard of me? This is my associate Lafayette Le Renard. We're here with the Queen's hounds in pursuit of the Emerald Scarves and the soul they stole. What are you doing here, and who are you exactly? I don't believe we've met before. How do you know the Queen, and where is that blasted cold coming from? It's like the inside of a glacier in there!"

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