Ask a Question, Get an Answer

-Rogast, Entering the town. Midday, 3 DSTR-

The leaves rustled in the wind, and slowly popped off to float away in the wind. The eyes of the green goblin curiously peered upwards.

"I know why they fly away."
Thought the goblin.

"It's because the wind is so strong, it tears the leaves off, or maybe it's a sign that winters coming. Even possible that the trees are dying." He added to his thought.

He patted the satchel by his side, that had the name Bungo the Knowledgeable stitched into the side. There was a closed pop up stand strapped onto his back like a knapsack. He held out his small map and his eyes scanned across it.

"Almost there."

He stopped for a moment, to close his map. Those damn things are impossible to fold. He started walking again and soon enough the town came into sight.

By the time he reached the town, the people were preparing their stalls for a day of selling. Bungo pulled his pop up stand from over his shoulder and unfolded it. He placed it next to the stand of a man who was selling his recently prepared pelts. Bungo sat on a pop up stool that came with the stand, and waited. The sign on his stand read.

"Ask a question, get an answer, from Bungo the Knowledgeable.
Only 5 coins."

Bungo gazed around, watching the commotion of the villagers at the other stands. Even the pelt seller had a few people viewing the wares. But it seemed like no wants to learn about anything.
At that time, his first customer walked over. Bungo eyed the person, knowing that business was beginning to grow.

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