Filthy Conscience

--- Verden, just outside Skeldergate, Lorcan's Farm, night, 9 DSTR ---

The blue haired woman stiffened in her chair before standing. Her eyes wandered him for a moment as if she would never see this visual again.

"I do trust you, I do. But what I don't trust is just how easy it was to do so. I'm afraid you've disarmed me of all my defenses, Tancred. I can't let you out now."

She moved the chair back to where it was before and the man stood dumbfounded. Had he never been told no? Before he could say a word, she spoke first.

"However, I'll talk to Lorcan, see if I can stay another day and tomorrow night you will have your answer. Will that be alright? I still need to figure you out."
This time she gave him no opportunity to respond and opened the door ever so slightly. The creaking was minimal. Over her shoulder, she looked to the handsome ghoul, a flicker in her iris. Kindness. Power. Maybe a bit of lust.

"And for the record? I don't think you're a bad guy." Her blushed lips pursed and she retreated out the door into the rest of the house. Diamur was probably mad with worry out in the barn, and right now he was top priority. She slipped out of the door and into the now light rain without a sound. Him, then it was off to bed.

You have a lot to think about,
Her conscience reminded her.

I know.

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