The punishment awaits

---- Dalen Archives, midday, 2 years later, day 1 ----

He cancelled out his spell, Gareth dropping to the floor. Enanth reached down and guided him up, gently. With a tug of Gareth's robes, he straightened his disheveled clothing before stepping past him.

Gareth was completly taken by surprise when the spell was lifted. But this wasn't the only surprise. As Gareth started to get back up, after having fallen to the ground, he was helped by the elderly man. He looked at him in confusion and even forgot to thank him.

Gareth followed the man with the eyes and saw him find the book on one of the shelves.

"You search for this... Book, Master Gareth? This person, does she know of what surrounds this book?"

Gareth chose not to answer this question. Quietly he listened as the man began lecturing him about the book and its dangers.

"You have violated this inner sanctum, Master Gareth. You willpay penance to the Circle for your act."

Despite the gentleness in the mans voice Gareth feared for his punishment. He looked down in shame, prepared to receive whatever the old man had in mind.

"You say you need to eat?"

Once more Gareth was taken by surprise by the man. He hesitated slightly before answering "Well... We all need to eat every once in a while, right?". He couldn't let the man know that he was a bit different than most people when talking about eating habits, but neither could he deny his hunger.

"Follow me. Do not run, for I will be forced to exact a rather painful experience upon you. Please, this way," he actually requested.

Unsure of what was going to happen, but having no other choice, Gareth obediently followed the man. After having walked for a while he could no longer hold back a question. "Uhm... Where are we going?". He asked cautiously, hoping not to enanger the man.

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