"There we are, Master Lorcan." He paused in his handing over the book. "Of course, the Archive will need a way to ensure this book returns. Please follow me, I believe you know of the ritual."

"Of course" Lorcan smiled as he was handed the tome "Just lead the way". He was well accostumed to the ritual as he had been through this countless of times before.

Enanth turned and lead him to the far northern part of the library. Here, lead-lined half walls and arcane sigils covered the area. A magic circle was inlaid at the center of all this, silver and electrum rings shining in thin circular bands in the daylight. "Fulmen," he evoked, torch scones lighting with fire. The wizard turned to Lorcan. "And now a part of you, Master Lorcan," he said.

Lorcan did as instructed and put down his books next to him so he could proceed. Since he had been prepared for this ritual he had remembered to bring a pocket knife which he now drew from his pocket and made a small cut at the tip of his left index finger. A small drop of blood fell from the tiny wound as he held out his hand towards Enanth, enabling him to continue the ritual.

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