A Little Thief

(Edge of Skeldergate Forest - Lorcan's Farm)

Mousvin Rett trudged through the forest. Mousvin was a Brownie, and at only five inches tall he gripped his spear tightly in case any sort of field mouse or other similarly dangerous rodent were to suddenly appear. He also kept an eye towards the sky for hawks and other predatory birds. It wasn't safe for a brownie to be alone. It was extra dangerous for one to be out of the woods on his own. No sane Brownie would ever put themselves in that position. Yet in a way Mousvin had put himself in this situation. His inability to keeps his tiny hands to himself resulted in multiple floggings and imprisonments and then his eventual banishment from his village. Now he was approaching the edge of Skeldergate Forest.

He found it was quite a lot easier to steal from the giant ones (what Brownies call people) than to steal from other Brownies. The amounts of food he would steal where so small as to not be noticed by them or to be mistaken for a mouse or other small rodent. When it came to gold they would definitely noticed that, but he could usually cart off one or two pieces, though that was about all he could carry.

Mousvin came to the edge of the forest. He stood on the edge of the wood looking out across a much neater manicured farm yard. At the center of the farmyard stood a moderately sized farmhouse with an attached barn on its eastern wing. Mousvin swallowed a dry swallow. Leaving the forest was not something any Brownie would do lightly, but he hadn't eaten in a day and that farmhouse was almost certainly a sure thing. He scanned the sky for birds. It was bright blue and cloudless. He couldn't see any birds so he headed for the farmhouse.

Mousvin ran as fast as his tiny legs could carry him his white little tail stuck straight out behind him to hold him steady as he sprinted. He was continuously glancing upwards searching for birds he knew could come sweeping down at any moment. Soon he was at the farmhouse pressed against it catching his breath. He looked both ways. He was standing against the corner of the building, around the corner to his left he could see the farmhouse door. At the bottom of the door was a very small gap, maybe two inches wide. It would be a tight squeeze but if he crawled on his belly Mousvin was sure he could make it inside.

He slid around the corner and jogged for the door making sure to hug the wall, until he made it to the door. He peered under the door, he couldn't see any feet or hear anyone moving, so he rolled he tiny spear under the door ahead of himself, then dove onto his belly and scrambled under the door.

Mousvin found himself standing in kitchen. A pot sat over a cooking fire on one side of the room, and Mousvin could smell some aroma filling the room. He strolled into the middle of the room, it did not seem anyone was around but whoever was cooking would no doubt be back soon. Just as he had the thought a door opened. Mousvin ran as fast as he could taking cover under one of the chairs, hiding behind the leg.

It didn't seem that the giant one had noticed him. Mousvin watched him walk across the room and stir the cooking pot. He noticed when the man had entered he'd left the door he had come through open a little bit. Mousvin checked to see if the giant one was looking, but he seem preoccupied with the food he was cooking. So taking his opportunity he dashed towards the door and slipped through.

Now Mousvin was in a laboratory or workshop of some kind. Beakers and chemistry equipment and assorted thick books covered tables and shelves everywhere around the room, along a back wall were three holding cells. Mousvin stepped cautiously into this room. Clearly a wizard or alchemist lived here, perhaps the giant one in the other room. Mousvin knew now he might find something much more valuable than food here.

He scurried into the room and began to search for something to steal.

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