Man or mouse

---- Edge of Skeldergate Forest - Lorcan's Farm ----

It was a completly ordinary and uneventful day for Tancred. The only difference about this day and so many others was that Lorcan was not at home because he had some business to attend to at the capitol. That meant Karl, Lorcans newest assistant, was taking care of things. He was deffintly not the worst assistant Lorcan had had and he was actually pretty good at remembering dinnertimes, but he was just so dull and never wanted to stay and talk like Lorcan used to, which Tancred found immensly anoying. But enough about him.

After his breakfast consisting of a dozen of eggs and a small rabbit, all of it nice and raw of course, Tancred had spent a couple of hours doing his regular exercises and was now taking a break to read. He was leaning back on the chair and with his feet on the small table simply trying to pass time by reading a book he had already been through way too many times.

He didn't even look up when Karl walked through the room on his way to the kitchen. The smell of the food in the kitchen was actually more annoying than delicious because it only reminded him of how long he would have to wait before he could get his supper. Distracted by this it only became harder to focus on the stupid book.

And it was at this point he noticed something small moving out of the corner of his eye. At first he simply thought it was a mouse or perhaps even a rat, but it didn't move like one. Quietly he put down the book and turned to look at the strange being. He almost couldn't believe what he was looking at. It appeared to be some kind of weird mix between a man and a mouse. For a while he simply watched the tiny figure in silence, not quite sure of what to make of this.

It didn't take long before curiosity got the better of Tancred; he just had to know who or what this tiny man was. He silently took his feet off the table and turned on his chair towards the peculiar man. With a quiet pssth sound he hoped to get the little guys attention without the others in the cells next to his noticing it. "Hey, you there. What are you?" he asked in a low almost whispering voice, not even sure if the man or whatever he was were capable of human speech.

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