Let's get drunk

(OOC- Nice name for the 'hound' there, ted xD)

Following him inside, she saw that his presence filled the room. It seemed like he was the only one that caught her eye. It could very well have been his height, but nonetheless she enjoyed watching him. There were certainly more men than women, and the women that were there were dressed like wenches. What a provocative term, but it certainly gets the point across.

Her eyebrows rose at him pulling her seat out. “Oh! We have a gentleman amongst us.” She teased with a light tone in her voice, trying to hide that the smell of the smoke almost choked her. It felt like with every puff, it provided a ring that got tighter around her neck. “Mead, if you will.” Mead was amongst the sweeter alcoholic beverages that would have been offered. It was a poor man, and a rich man’s drink. Mainly because the alcohol content was astronomical. She figured, if they were back to business in a few, might as well get as drunk as you possibly could. Since she hadn’t eaten very much, if at all, she knew that it would certainly fill her while providing her with tingly lips.

Taking a seat and leaning back in the wooden chair, she took another look at the beasts that were among them. Resting her elbows on the wooden table, she leaned forward and held her face with her hands. Avoiding eye contact, she noticed a few of the women that worked there eyed her. It was very uncommon for someone to dress as modest as she was to be amongst the working class. But, she felt confident with the less skin she showed. Though recently, she had noticed that the upper class had gotten more provocative with their attire.

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