Auriel opened up a barn for the couple, "Our gear is in here. So, I was thinking that first I need to show you where our safehouses are throughout this region, especially in Radogast. Which unfortunately means running back into the wolves den, so we'll need a disguise. Unfortunately, being a tiefling succubus makes me stand out like a rose in a dandelion patch, which makes you wonder if I chose the right career, but anyway, I do have one disguise I've used fairly effectively. My idea is to have the two of you dress up like a wealthy couple, and I will be your bodyguard. I have a nice suit of armor that mostly conceals my face and breasts, though the horns and tail will still be visible. You guys will have to plan on doing the talking though if we get held up. So yeah, have a look around, and try to find some nice clothes. I'm thinking wealthy merchant type clothes. Perhaps we're coming from out of town to start up a new enterprise."

Jack noticed Auriel seemed very happy when he agreed to work with her. There was an extra skip in her step as she walked that seemed very genuine. Though he knew very little of her he could tell she really wanted him to be with her. Though he wasn't checking out his sister he did notice that tieflings really were different from humans and succubi. The only thing they had in common was pointy ears. He wondered if his other siblings took after their father more since he was an exception being born a human and reborn as a Incubus. When Auriel mentioned she would stick out in public it did concern him since he could change his appearance with his adept magic and make it permanent so he could blend in anywhere. With some choice outfits he could make LeLu blend in with little trouble. Auriel on the other hand needed the armor to blend in better.

Jack: Okay. Lets see what we can work with.

LeLu: May I make a suggestion Jack?

Jack: I was hoping you could make a few suggestions since you normally wear nice clothes.

LeLu seemed happy to be of use for a change since Jack had been the one helping her the whole time. She picked some very good choices for fancy merchant ware for herself and Jack. Jack was not to keen on the style, but since it was for a mission he put them on behind a haystack as LeLu changed behind a different haystack. They were both wearing furry hat that covered up their ears and fancy cloaks. Luckily LeLu picked a baggy shirt and pants for Jack so he could wear his armor under his clothing in case he needed to fight.

Jack's Outfit

LeLu's Outfit

Jack put their old gear in his backpack of holding. Once Auriel was in her armor they got their horses ready and mounted them.

Jack: Okay Airiel lead the way. Oh and before we get to far we should come up with names we are going to use when we meet the guards since your name is already out there. What do you think?


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