---- Dalen, an inn in Starval, morning, 0 DSTR ? ----

Completely consumed by his own thoughts Nate only noticed the young man when he spoke "well met stranger! Care for some company?". He turned his gaze from the fire to the man and opened his mouth to politely decline his offer of company, but before he had a chance to say the words the man had already taken a seat.

For a brief moment Nate looked at the man in front of him, wondering why he seemed so cheerful. Could this man really have recognised him despite of the cloak? It seemed unlikely, but if he were to believe the things he'd heard people from this land were capable of then it was a possibility. Despite his fear of having his cover blown any second now, Nate remained calm and returned the man's with a small polite nod "Sure.". He then turned to look at the flames once again, not wanting to let the stranger get too much time to look at his face just in case.

To avoid creating an awkward silence he then continued "So, are you one of the locals of this town or just traveling through like me?". In case this man didn't know who he was, Nate figured it would be best to behave a little more sociable and relaxed, hoping that this would make him more convincing in his role as a simple traveler.

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