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Summary: Wizard of Odds


Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Both

Preferred Genres

Fantasy games are my niche. I like a world that knows no bounds. I initially had a game called Mythodovia which revolved around fantasy and world-building, but it became dormant later on.

Writing Style Comments

I really like to be specific when I write. Create an atmosphere, and help others envision the scene of the moment. My characters can twirl, spin and explode with every sentence I write, and the whole idea behind it is to make the words jump out from the screen and transform the reader's surroundings into anything I want it to be.

Participation Motivation

What got me interested is the idea of sharing ideas, sort of like a sounding board for budding RPGs that are yet to be developed. My motivation came from my love for RPG and story-writing. These two things are really why I come to this site often.

OW Comments/Concerns

I don't really know what to put here. OW is a great place for me to be inspired and explore what goes on in other people's dream machines.

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Image of Hosea
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