OOC - Fave Writers on OW

Just out of curiosity, but I was wondering if you guys have a favorite writer on OW. You know, the ones whom you'd secretly stalk their posts. Jks, but I think this would help us understand how you'd want us to write if you made or have made a game on here.

I've actually read all the community members' profiles on their writing styles, and found a lot of interesting stuff.

Personally, I love how everyone here has a unique DNA when it comes to narrating, but if I had to choose which ones I enjoy reading, it would be Moon-eye and Jaku.

Moon-eye is really detailed and captures the scene in the most colorful way, I'd say. Their humor just bounces off the post like a jack-in-the-box and I really feel entertained when I read their posts on Magic Agents and the Laughing Agency.

Jaku on the other hand, is really good at describing scenery. Their posts on their game Turner's Game are quite detailed and leave no room for confusion. I really dig it when a writer can come up with more than one sentence to describe the setting or the surrounding environment. It really paints a clear picture in my head, and helps me get settled in very quickly into the story.

Honorable mentions are:

- Tvrdy (Darkness Behind the Stars)

- Jaxx (High School for Magical Beings & New Mutants)

- Nim (Darkness Behind the Stars, Turner's Game)

- WinterOak

- WritingBug

- TheHeroUp

- FallowNorth

- SilverCloud

- LaserSexPanther

- LucianNepreen.

P.S: Please don't feel bad if I didn't mention you. I love everyone in this community, and I appreciate all the writers on here for their great work in posting such amazing and timely content.

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