OOC - The New Player Dilemma

Most of us have been there at some point: You just created an Ongoing Worlds account, you see a bunch of existing games, and there is something about everyone one of them that you don't like. Maybe they have been going for awhile and you don't think you'd be able to jump in, or you don't think the setting is all that fleshed out.

It seems to me like most people at this juncture do one of two things: They either create a game, or they join a game just because. The vast majority of the games made by new people don't get all that far, and most of the time, that new member never posts anything on Ongoing Worlds ever again.

But even for the people who do join games, the attrition rate seems to be quite high. A lot of them will create a character and never post anything, or they will create a character, write an introduction post, and that's it.

If you reading this, I assume that you are at least something of a veteran. How did you get through that earlier phase and decide to continue giving Ongoing Worlds a shot?

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