OOC - Interest Check: Space Based Exploration?

I have been toying with the idea of setting up a game recently. The basic premise would be far future humans have had to abandon Earth at the height of its technological achievement. Sleeper Ships carried some of the populations of different nations to a far off sector of the galaxy. There, they prospered and grew, and conflicted, as new empires spread across the stars.

After several hundred years past, the peoples of these new stars want to return to Earth, and see what is left behind. So they construct a ship, gather a crew from all the nations and empires, and send it through an experimental hypergate.

The ship enters the hypergate but is damaged and some of the crew are killed. The ship has to drop back into normal space. From there, the ship and its crew must work on repairing their own jump engines and exploring the new uncharted space they find themselves in. Their mission is still the same, however, and that is to find Earth.

I've already begun working on some of the lore, and possible storylines, but wanted to gauge interest first. My idea was to have almost 'episode' like stories as we progress through the stars in the search for Earth. And many of the senior officers would be killed, so player characters would be lower ranking crew members pressed into service in posts they might not be ready for.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone interested?

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