OOC - Platform Announcement and Report Proposals

Writing a preamble for these posts can be quite a challenge I'm finding, so I'm just going to cut straight to the point. First, the annoucement: I am going to be out of my home country from June 16th to June 24th. In that time frame, I'm not going to go onto Ongoing Worlds. That said, Largehobbit, do you think you can take care of everything (mostly just accepting new players in a timely manner) on the Platform during my hiatus? If not, I'll put up a job posting for a third mod :)

Now for part 2. I've been looking at the feedback we got on the LH's most recent Fumbler post, and I'm thinking we (the OWCP mods) should start putting up regular reports. The first report would be an OW Activity Report. My thought here is that we would create a list of all games that have seen activity within a certain period and put them into 1 of 6 catagories:

Extremely Active - these games have seen activity almost everyday during the time period.

Active - These games have gotten 5+ posts most weeks.

Somewhat Active - These games have had around 3 to 5 posts a week during the time period.

Barely Active - These games rarely get more than 2 posts a week.

Too New To Tell - These games haven't been around for much more than a week, if that.

Not Accepting Players - Pretty self explanatory. Active games that have all the members they want will be listed here.

Items I put in this list will have the game title and a super-brief, label-ridden description, such as Maelstrom - Grimdark Steampunk Epic, and High School Life with Spirits - Modern High School Fantasy.

The other report I was thinking we should make would be a Fumbler Report. Here, a mod would lay out the requests from the previous Fumbler post in an organized format. I'm thinking the idea here should be that we put these two reports in either the same post or subsequent post, with the idea being to:

1. Give people a good idea what their game joining options are, and

2. Give potential game designers easy access to data that could help them make a game desired by the community. Also, by putting the reports together, game designers could easily see which games their ideas might end up competing with.

I'm thinking that we should produce these reports either once or twice a month. So what do you guys think? Any suggestions or additional requests? How frequently would you guys like to see these reports?

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