OOC - This is a Billboard, Advertise Here!

One of the major objectives of this "game" is to be a landing point for new players to learn about the dynamics of Ongoing Worlds. However, if most new members are like I was when I was a newbie, they will probably underestimate the necessity of communication between members, and as such, they probably won't see much of a need to look at this platform.

Right now, I fear that this game looks like a Veterans Club, filled with old-timers talking about what they did during the war. Most new OW members probably don't give a crap about writing Mary Sue characters or balancing there posts. Please don't hear me say that creating discussions about those topics is bad, because it is not. Creating intriguing topics for discussion is fantastic, but if that is the only thing we do on this game, then the potential of this platform is being limited.

There is one thing I'm quite confident that new players do care about, and that is getting players to join their games. Until we start advertising games on this platform, people probably won't feel comfortable using this platform to do that. For now, I'm giving everyone free reign to post advertisements for whatever OW games they want. If spam starts to become an issue, I'll deal with it then.

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