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The Near Future: 2020 – 2040

The technological singularity (also, simply, the singularity) is the hypothesis that the invention of artificial superintelligence will abruptly trigger runaway technological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization. According to this hypothesis, an upgradable intelligent agent (such as a computer running software-based artificial general intelligence) would enter a "runaway reaction" of self-improvement cycles, with each new and more intelligent generation appearing more and more rapidly, causing an intelligence explosion and resulting in a powerful superintelligence that would, qualitatively, far surpass all human intelligence. Emeritus professor of computer science at San Diego State University and science fiction author Vernor Vinge said in his 1993 essay The Coming Technological Singularity that this would signal the end of the human era, as the new superintelligence would continue to upgrade itself and would advance technologically at an incomprehensible rate.

At the 2012 Singularity Summit, Stuart Armstrong did a study of artificial general intelligence (AGI) predictions by experts and found a wide range of predicted dates, with a median value of 2040.

These are the lives of the generation who will witness this rise of a new evolution, will this mean the Transcendence of Humanity, or the Enslavement of it? What will this new generation do this this new power?

The Premise:

The game is an experiment in character development. Have you ever wanted to start with a blank slate of a character and play them and just see what organically happens, where they go, how they grow? That is what this game will do.

You start the game at age 6 in the year 2020, you can pick the name of the character and the gender, everything else needs only to be filled out with – or TBD.

The moderator will post an event for each year of their lives. This will be role played out in a thread and when closed the player can add this to their history along with new relationships they develop and changes they encounter.

It sounds difficult, I know, but it can be very expanding and exciting.

The player will need to commit to the character, even if it gets difficult to play.

As they age, the setting and theme may change as they mature and grow into adult.

Warning: This game may address mature themes and have content suitable only for adults, there could be graphic violence as well as some sexuality (when characters are of the proper age of course.) Please be aware of this.

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