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Summary: Wrytur


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Gender: Male

Age: ~7 years

Group: Both

Preferred Genres

Mainly science-fiction, although anything that has a world and tone that I find engaging is enough for me.
In terms of games that I like, I prefer ones that have longer posts that allow players to take a more active role in driving the plot and story forward, and also permit taking control of other player characters to further relationships between characters.

Writing Style Comments

I prefer to keep things in a lighter tone, at the moment. Right now I am leaving huge story arcs behind and wanting to focus more on episodic, self-contained style short stories within games.

I often prefer to write longer posts that what I see in most games. I like to aim for 1000 - 1500 words per post, but I won't shy about going over it. But I balance that word count over furthering the plot and building the world to avoid plot-hogging.

Participation Motivation

Writing is pretty fun.

Also, I am really invested in Blue Dwarf at the moment, and that really spurs me on to keep coming back to Ongoing Worlds. Hopefully, I will find other games that engage me as much as Blue Dwarf, which is the one that brought me here!

OW Comments/Concerns

Nothing with OW itself, but hopefully the community can come together not only on OW but also engage with the other RP/Sim sites out there.

As it stands, OW is pretty decent in terms of design and function.

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